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22 Sep, 2008 Management Plans for Infrastructure and Resources
22 Sep, 2008 S06_CentralLonsdale_library-civic_centre

LEC expanded into Central Lonsdale, where the Citys new Library/Civic Centre is under construction. / Lonsdale Energy Corporation.

22 Sep, 2008 PL10_Benchmarking_FuelGauge

Benchmarking allows you to directly compare vehicles, drivers, and departments. / iStock, 2008.

22 Sep, 2008 C12_CEA_Planning_Guide

Community Energy Association’s Community Energy and Emissions Planning Guide is a good primer for climate action planning. / CEA Planning Guide,2008.

22 Sep, 2008 Management Plan Elements

Resource management plans can set the direction for infrastructure development and therefore have a significant influence on the emissions that result from that infrastructure.

To plan for low-carbon infrastructure, development of a resource management plan can include these elements:

22 Sep, 2008 G09_LadysmithGreenRCMPbuilding

RCMP Building with green features, Ladysmith.

22 Sep, 2008 Management Plans for Green Infrastructure

In general, resource management plans can cover a wide variety of plan and resource types, including human resources, land use, and others. Local government plans that pertain to infrastructure can include:

21 Sep, 2008 Whistler Roundhouse
21 Sep, 2008 Sector Landing - Community Action Nav
21 Sep, 2008 Sector Landing - Government Ops Nav
21 Sep, 2008 B01_SnowWaterEquivalent

BC has experienced a downward trend in water availability from snow pack. / River Forecast Centre, B.C. Ministry of Environment 2007.

21 Sep, 2008 B01_WeatherRelatedNaturalDisasters

Direct losses from large or globally significant natural catastrophes increased 14 times between the 1950s and 1990s. (Munich Re, 2005).

21 Sep, 2008 C12_NVan_ LanduseMapLegend

North Vancouver Low Carbon Energy Supply Map - Legend / City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver.

21 Sep, 2008 C12_NVan_ LanduseMap

North Vancouver Low Carbon Energy Supply Map / City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver.

21 Sep, 2008 C12_NVan_energySupplyMap

North Vancouver Low Carbon Energy Supply Map / City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver.

21 Sep, 2008 C01_BC Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector, 2005

Local governments have influence over approximately half of BC's emissions, concentrated in transportation, buildings and waste. / Environment Canada, 2007.

20 Sep, 2008 PR18_clean_air_future

The City of Prince George (link to PG case study – pdf we have) uses and encourages use of biodiesel as a way to mitigate the impact of fleet GHG emissions on the environment. / E3 Fleet, 2008.

20 Sep, 2008 PR18_green_fuels_map

The Green Fleets BC Green Fuels Map can help you identify where you can buy alternative fuels. It could also play a role in route planning. / Green Fleets BC, 2008.

20 Sep, 2008 PR22_Toronto_bikes

The City of Toronto is creating opportunities for City employees to move away from automobiles with a pool of City bicycles. / City of Toronto, 2008.

20 Sep, 2008 PR22_bike_path

Location plays an important role in promoting self-propelled transportation options. Proximity to safe, designated paths in one thing to aim for.


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