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22 Sep, 2008 Life Cycle Analysis
22 Sep, 2008 G03_Budget

Along with a GHG profile, an inventory provides Board/Council and staff with their first complete account of energy consumption and energy expenditure, making ita a valuable management tool.

22 Sep, 2008 LCA Application: Greenhouse Gas Detective

Tracking how products are made and how they are disposed of can be complicated. However, by focusing in on the trail of ‘usual suspects’, you’ll be able to solve your case without spending a lot of time on wild goose chases.

22 Sep, 2008 B01_CommunityWideLanding

Local governments have a vital role to play in reducing global greenhouse gases through the services they provide their citizens. / iStock, 2008.

22 Sep, 2008 B03_SolarPhotovoltaic

Small scale solar photovoltaics have many unique applications./ iStock, 2008.

22 Sep, 2008 Getting the Complete Picture

Life cycle analysis (LCA) is an advanced economic technique used to estimate the wide range of environmental impacts or costs of a project over its entire life. This discussion of LCA focuses on how to apply the approach to estimate the environmental costs of a project.

22 Sep, 2008 B03_Tractor_LocalInfrastructure

Local infrastructure. / iStock, 2006.

22 Sep, 2008 C07_SmartGrouthOnTheGround

The Smart Growth on the Ground process and resulting concept plan for neighbourhood land use and design, are built on community engagement throughout. / Smart Growth on the Ground, 2005.

22 Sep, 2008 BC MEMP logo
22 Sep, 2008 PO06_TransportationDesign2

Preferred design for pedestrian crossing of a driveway with low volume is to raise the driveway crossing up and over the pedestrian crossing, and texture the surface of the crossing.  This warns visu

22 Sep, 2008 PO06_SolarSketch2

DP guidelines are an opportunity to strongly encourage energy efficiency in new development by mindfully designing landscaping and buildings to allow light to penetrate living spaces in winter, and protect spaces from hot sunlight in the summer. / Holland Barrs for District of Saanich, 2007.

22 Sep, 2008 PO06_ExteriorDesignSuites2

Sketch shows preferred exterior design of secondary suites. / City of New Westminster.

22 Sep, 2008 B01_CompleteStreet_Community

BC’s explosive growth in transportation emissions appears to be slowing due to more complete, compact development in some high growth areas of the province. / Complete Street Image from NARP.

22 Sep, 2008 B01_vancouver_CyclistTraffic

Over the last decade, City of Vancouver has seen transit trips increase 20%, walking trips increase 44%, bike trips increase 180%, and vehicle trips drop 10%. Despite a population increase of 60,000, Vancouver’s emissions are close to 1990 levels.

22 Sep, 2008 B01_SaltspringIslandBus

Transit development in rural communities like Quesnel and Salt Spring Island can play an important role in GHG reduction.

22 Sep, 2008 B03_FloodVanderhoof2

Spring flooding in Vanderhoof.

22 Sep, 2008 B03_RailyardsTownhouse

Victoria’s Railyards townhouse development.

22 Sep, 2008 B03_FloodVanderhoof

Spring flooding in Vanderhoof.

22 Sep, 2008 B03_SmartCar

Local Government Fleet Car.

22 Sep, 2008 B03_WhiteRockBuilding

White Rock LEED Gold Operations Building.


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