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19 Jul, 2016 2016 Smart Energy Communities Catalogue

Check out 2016 Smart Energy Communities Catalogue — a guide to the who’s who of key players in Smart Energy Communities in Canada.

15 Jul, 2016 Vancouver Takes Next Step to Advance Renewable City Strategy

Vancouver City Council approved the Zero Emissions Building Plan - an action plan that lays out a phased approach to aggressively combat and reduce carbon pollution in Vancouver.

15 Jul, 2016 Certification in Community Energy Management

British Columbia Institute of Technology & Community Energy Association are offering six online courses in community energy management.  Get the knowledge you need to conserve energy, decrease emissions, and reduce energy costs in your community.

12 Jul, 2016 Top Asks for Climate Action – Ramping Up Low Carbon Communities

A new Columbia Institute report, Top Asks for Climate Action, highlights how Canada can ramp up climate action by empowering low carbon communities. 

12 Jul, 2016 Whitepaper - Low Carbon Resilience: Transformative Climate Change Planning for Canada

New white paper Low Carbon Resilience: Transformative Climate Change Planning for Canada, published by ACT, points to the co-benefits and synergies we can achieve if we consider adaptation and mitigation simultaneously.

05 Jul, 2016 Renewable Energy Challenge: Finding Energy Solutions for a 100 % Renewable Energy Future - Workshop Outcomes Report

Renewable Cities published a report from the Renewable Energy Challenge, which captures the ideas and pitches developed by the participants.

27 Jun, 2016 Kootenay Communities Receive BikeBC Funding

Kootenay communities to receive $482,000 in BikeBC funding for infrastructure projects to expand and build cycling lanes, and trails and paths for cyclists and pedestrians.

22 Jun, 2016 Community Energy Funding Guide - updated version available online

Community Energy Funding Guide has recently been updated. The latest version is available for download online.


17 Jun, 2016 Community Lifecycle Infrastructure Costing (CLIC) Tool wins by Canadian Institute of Planners annual Award for Planning Excellence

Canadian Institute of Planners has recognized Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, the City of Prince George and Stantec Consulting for their achievement in the area of New and Emerging Planning Initiatives.

16 Jun, 2016 Fleet Champions Program supports BC fleets in their efforts toward deploying clean energy vehicles

New Fleet Champions Program supports fleets in British Columbia in their efforts toward deploying clean energy vehicles by offering technical and financial support in two areas: EV Fleet Business Case and Charging Infrastructure Incentives.

10 Jun, 2016 Community Energy Leadership Program funding - Request for Expressions of Interest

Expression of Interest for Round 3 of CELP funding for the 2017/18 fiscal year are now being accepted.

10 Jun, 2016 BC Communities - Apply now for a Climate & Energy Action Award

Receive recognition for your efforts to reduce community and corporate energy use and costs and decrease greenhouse gas emissions by applying for a Climate & Energy Action Award. Application deadline is Monday, July 18 at 5:00 PM.

10 Jun, 2016 2016 Smart Energy Communities Award Nominations Open!

Nominate a  project(s), program(s), or plan(s) that have been undertaken in the 2015-2016 period  for the work that is being done on the ground in Smart Energy Communities. Whether it's an organization, individual, agency, or institution, help us honour the leaders who are advancing Smart Energy Communities in Canada.

13 May, 2016 Artsy Bike Lockers Promote Active Transportation in Lake Country

Using the work of local artist, Sheila Tansey, two new bike lockers in Lake Country are now decked out as public art that promote active transportation.

10 May, 2016 Video Series on Climate Change Adaptation

Check out this video series called "BC Adapts" featuring 12 short videos that introduce practical measures that are implemented locally and around the world to increase coastal resilience. 

28 Apr, 2016 New agriculture award for local governments that support growing local - Apply by June 17, 2016

BC Local governments are invited to apply for an inaugural award that recognized work in promoting local agriculture businesses, products and awareness in local communities. Application deadline is June 17, 2016.  http://ow.ly/4ndB9p

27 Apr, 2016 The session proposal process for the 2016 UBCM Convention is now open

UBCM is now accepting clinic and workshop applications from organizations interested in making a presentation at the 2016 convention in Victoria. Interested parties are asked to review the criteria and deadlines. The deadline for submissions is June 17, 2016.    

25 Apr, 2016 Community Energy Planning: The Value Proposition webinar recording

Community Energy Planning: The Value Proposition webinar recording is available on the Community Energy Planning website. 

22 Apr, 2016 Participate in an Online Survey: Implementing Community Sustainability Plans in BC, Research Project

Regional District Chairs and Directors, Mayors and Councilors, Chief Administrative Officers; and Senior Staff in Sustainability and Related Departments are invited to participate in an online survey and provide feedback on the implementation of community sustainability plans in BC.

15 Apr, 2016 This Green House II - a follow up on Centre for Civic Governance 2011 research on residential energy retrofit financing

This Green House II follows up on our 2011 research on residential energy retrofit financing. This paper is about freeing  up local governments to take leadership on home retrofit programs - the fastest way to take reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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