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11 Sep, 2019 Province releases greenhouse gas numbers for 2017

The Province has released the annual inventory of greenhouse gas emissions numbers for 2017.

09 Sep, 2019 City of Courtenay Creates Urban Forest Strategy

The Urban Forest Strategy was created to guide how the city of Courtenay protects and manages trees on public and private land within the Courtenay boundaries. The urban forest includes the collection of trees, vegetation, soil and associated natural processes across the city’s landscape.

The goals of the Urban Forest Strategy are to:

03 Sep, 2019 UBCM Strikes Climate Action Committee

UBCM has struck a Special Committee on Climate Action to generate new ideas, explore opportunities and barriers to local government action, and identify avenues for further partnership work in mitigating, and adapting to, the effects of climate change.    The new committee is comprised of elected officials and senior staff from l

27 Aug, 2019 Toolkit Newsletter: Climate Action Updates for BC Local Governments - August 2019
21 Aug, 2019 British Columbia Releases Active Transportation Design Guide

The British Columbia Active Transportation Design Guide is a comprehensive set of planning and engineering guidelines offering recommendations for the planning, selection, design, implementation, and maintenance of active transportation facilities across the province. The primary audience for the Design Guide is design professionals in the engineering, planning, landscape architecture, and architecture fields.

09 Aug, 2019 Opportunity to comment on Government of Canada's draft strategic assessment of climate change

The draft strategic assessment of climate change is now published. ECCC is providing the opportunity for the public to comment on this draft strategic assessment of climate change until August 30, 2019. 

10 Jul, 2019 FCM and Global Covenant of Mayors announce climate action pilot project, helpdesk for municipalities

FCM is pleased to have signed an agreement with the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM), along with ICLEI — Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI Canada), to lead the delivery of GCoM Canada activities on municipal climate action across the country.  

25 Jun, 2019 Toolkit Newsletter: Climate Action Updates for BC Local Governments - June 2019

Check out the latest Climate Action Toolkit e-news with free programs, grants, valuable tools and success stories from local government peers.

25 Jun, 2019 Biodiversity and Climate Change Resilience – Planning Green Infrastructure Policy Brief and Concept Note

ACT's new policy brief and concept note provides important information for professionals, municipal and regional staff, stewardship groups, and decision makers on  integrated regional green infrastructure planning.

17 Jun, 2019 CleanBC sets new strategy to boost safe, accessible active transportation

B.C. creates a new strategy for cleaner, more active transportation, connecting British Columbians to where they need to go. 

12 Jun, 2019 Apply for 2019 Asset Management Planning Program

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2019 Asset Management Planning Program. Apply by October 4, 2019. 

04 Jun, 2019 New act ensures B.C. remains leader on clean energy vehicles

New Zero-Emission Vehicles Act (ZEVA) mandates that all new light-duty cars and trucks sold in BC will be clean energy vehicles by 2040. 

03 Jun, 2019 Water Conservation Pilot Project Funding

FCM is funding pilot projects of retrofit initiatives that have the potential to reduce potable water use by at least 20% in a neighbourhood, facility or group of facilities. This funding helps Canadian cities and communities of all sizes promote water conservation.

29 May, 2019 Community Climate Preparedness Workshop - Call for Expressions of Interest until June 24

Local governments and Indigenous communities of less than 10,000 people are invited to submit an EOI to host a Community Climate Preparedness Workshop by June 24, 2019. 

22 May, 2019 New free tool helps cities mainstream nature into urban planning
#CitiesWithNature the Nature Pathway is a collection of guidance, tools and stories that support local governments to integrate nature into their cities.  
20 May, 2019 Apply for a 2019 Climate and Energy Action Award
Local governments that apply for a Climate and Energy Action Award could receive recognition for actions that they are taking to reduce their GHG emissions and adapt to climate change impacts. Application deadline is July 2, 2019. 
14 May, 2019 Framework for Municipal Zero Emission Vehicle Deployment

Ner report Framework for Municipal ZEV Deployment shares a suite of actios that Canadian municipalities can use as examples and customize for their ZEV deployment planning purposes. 

08 May, 2019 City of Kelowna's Capri Landmark Urban Centre Plan supports its Climate Action goals of Complete Communities

City of Kelowna's Capri-Landmark Urban Centre Plan  provides an example that other planners and elected officials can reference as they look for examples and approaches of successful urban centre revitalization and Climate-action planning in mid-sized communities. 

01 May, 2019 REMINDER: CARIP Reports are Due June 1, 2019

CARIP reports deadline is approaching fast. Submit your reports by June 1, 2019.

29 Apr, 2019 Toolkit Newsletter: Climate Action Updates for BC Local Governments - April 2019

Check out the latest Climate Action Toolkit e-news with free programs, grants, valuable tools and success stories from local government peers.


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