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19 Sep, 2008 PO26_HamiltonSuvFleet

Hamilton has taken steps to green its entire fleet, including these biodiesel SUVs. Notice the ‘No Idling’ sign on the wall. / Clean Air Hamilton, 2005.

19 Sep, 2008 PL10_BenchmarkingProgram

A benchmarking program will allow you to better design purchasing strategies, idling reduction initiatives, and preventative maintenance programs.

19 Sep, 2008 PR10_EnergySavedGraph_WastebytheNumbers

* Assumes recycled materials would otherwise have been landfilled. Includes embedded energy. / IFC Consulting, EPA, 2005

19 Sep, 2008 Recycling and Waste Reduction
19 Sep, 2008 G10_WilliansLakeHibrid

Williams Lake has achieved fuel savings of approximately 20% with the use of this hybrid vehicle despite -10ºC winters. / E3 Fleet, 2007.

19 Sep, 2008 G10_TorontoBioGarbage

Toronto proved that even the heaviest vehicles can be a part of a green fleet plan with this 100% biodiesel garbage truck. / City of Toronto, 2008.

19 Sep, 2008 G11_PromoCard

This idling awareness card from Idle Free BC and the City of Kamloops does an excellent job of showing why eliminating idling is so important for the environment and your bottom line / Idle Free BC.

19 Sep, 2008 G11_Smartcar_victoria

The City of Victoria bought this Smart Car when right-sizing its vehicles and makes sure that the community knows it by branding its vehicles. Steps like this are a great way to start extending corporate fleet initiatives into community reductions / City of Victoria.

19 Sep, 2008 G12_E3logo

E3 Fleet

19 Sep, 2008 Implementing Waste Management Strategies


19 Sep, 2008 PR20_pspot_carsharing

Increased car sharing across North America is reducing the need for personal vehicles and thus fuel consumption and GHG emissions.

19 Sep, 2008 Managing Resources for Reduced Emissions

Recycling of “waste” resources, complementing waste reduction, not only conserves valuable landfill space, but can significantly reduce overall solid waste-related emissions, e.g. emissions generated from raw materials processing, manufacturing, hauling of waste, and potentially from incineration.

19 Sep, 2008 PR20_PhillyCarShare_park

With 35,000 members, PhillyCarShare is one of the most successful community car share programs in North America.

19 Sep, 2008 S15_Bike

Cycling is an important part of many people's lives in Central Kootney. The Regional District of Central Kootney supports cycling by providing grants to the local cycling club / Regional District of Central Kootenay.

19 Sep, 2008 S15_RedTruck

Like in many communities, reducing GHG emissions related to fleet in Central Kootenay and Nelson will require working with some heavy duty machinery / Regional District of Central Kootenay.

19 Sep, 2008 S14_Council

The City of Williams Lake’s Council stands proudly in front of the City’s new hybrid / City of Williams Lake.

19 Sep, 2008 G15_kelowna_water_efficiency

The City of Kelowna made water conservation a priority and developed educational resources including water efficiency guidelines / City of Kelowna

19 Sep, 2008 G15_aeration_blowers

300 HP air blowers for a wastewater treatment plant / Mixing Systems Inc.

19 Sep, 2008 PR10_Recycled_park_bench

Products made from recycled plastic include park benches / Enviro Curb.

19 Sep, 2008 PR09_UBCcomposter

UBC's in-vessel system composts campus organics including food waste / University of BC.


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