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22 Sep, 2008 QS1_quickstarts

Medium and Large can be home to the biggest reductions in BC's emissions. / LiveSmart BC.

22 Sep, 2008 Climate Action Zoning

Zoning bylaws define how specific areas of land can be used. For example, land can be zoned for residential, commercial, industrial or recreational.  Zoning bylaws can also specify the nature of these uses in more detail (eg. multi-family residential, mixed residential) and regulate characteristics such as lot size, placement, density and height of structures.

22 Sep, 2008 PO06_ExteriorDesignSuites

Sketch shows preferred exterior design of secondary suites. / City of New Westminster.

22 Sep, 2008 PO06_TransportationDesign

Preferred design for pedestrian crossing of a driveway with low volume is to raise the driveway crossing up and over the pedestrian crossing, and texture the surface of the crossing.  This warns visu

22 Sep, 2008 PO06_SolarSketch

DP guidelines are an opportunity to strongly encourage energy efficiency in new development by mindfully designing landscaping and buildings to allow light to penetrate living spaces in winter, and protect spaces from hot sunlight in the summer. / Holland Barrs for District of Saanich, 2007.

22 Sep, 2008 G03_CorporateEmissionsCharts03

Corporate emissions charts.

22 Sep, 2008 G03_CorporateEmissionsCharts02

Corporate Emissions Charts.

22 Sep, 2008 G03_CorporateEmissionsCharts01

Corporate Emissions Charts.

22 Sep, 2008 Building Location
22 Sep, 2008 C12_CommunityEmissionsCharts03

Community Emissions Charts.

22 Sep, 2008 C12_CommunityEmissionsCharts02

Community Emissions Charts.

22 Sep, 2008 C12_CommunityEmissionsCharts01

Community Emissions Charts.

22 Sep, 2008 Building Location Characteristics

Local governments could integrate location characteristics when evaluating the GHG intensity of their buildings. LEED Green Building Rating System for New Construction and Major Renovations (LEED-Canada-NC) Guidelines provide credits related to public transportation access, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles, and parking capacity.

22 Sep, 2008 Building Location and GHG Impact

Commuting by office workers accounts for 30% more energy use than a building uses for meeting its energy needs (e.g. heating, cooling, lighting, etc.) This may well exceed the energy savings realized by a green building. [1]

22 Sep, 2008 C04_KoosCorner

A condo complex of six homes built in the former Koo's auto shop, Koo's Corner incorporates solar water-heating panels on the roof, reclaimed materials on the inside and a heat recovery ventilation system. / Canadian Architect.

22 Sep, 2008 Management Plans for Infrastructure and Resources
22 Sep, 2008 S06_CentralLonsdale_library-civic_centre

LEC expanded into Central Lonsdale, where the Citys new Library/Civic Centre is under construction. / Lonsdale Energy Corporation.

22 Sep, 2008 PL10_Benchmarking_FuelGauge

Benchmarking allows you to directly compare vehicles, drivers, and departments. / iStock, 2008.

22 Sep, 2008 C12_CEA_Planning_Guide

Community Energy Association’s Community Energy and Emissions Planning Guide is a good primer for climate action planning. / CEA Planning Guide,2008.

22 Sep, 2008 Management Plan Elements

Resource management plans can set the direction for infrastructure development and therefore have a significant influence on the emissions that result from that infrastructure.

To plan for low-carbon infrastructure, development of a resource management plan can include these elements:


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