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19 Sep, 2008 Implementing Waste Management Strategies


19 Sep, 2008 PR20_pspot_carsharing

Increased car sharing across North America is reducing the need for personal vehicles and thus fuel consumption and GHG emissions.

19 Sep, 2008 Managing Resources for Reduced Emissions

Recycling of “waste” resources, complementing waste reduction, not only conserves valuable landfill space, but can significantly reduce overall solid waste-related emissions, e.g. emissions generated from raw materials processing, manufacturing, hauling of waste, and potentially from incineration.

19 Sep, 2008 PR20_PhillyCarShare_park

With 35,000 members, PhillyCarShare is one of the most successful community car share programs in North America.

19 Sep, 2008 S15_Bike

Cycling is an important part of many people's lives in Central Kootney. The Regional District of Central Kootney supports cycling by providing grants to the local cycling club / Regional District of Central Kootenay.

19 Sep, 2008 S15_RedTruck

Like in many communities, reducing GHG emissions related to fleet in Central Kootenay and Nelson will require working with some heavy duty machinery / Regional District of Central Kootenay.

19 Sep, 2008 S14_Council

The City of Williams Lake’s Council stands proudly in front of the City’s new hybrid / City of Williams Lake.

19 Sep, 2008 G15_kelowna_water_efficiency

The City of Kelowna made water conservation a priority and developed educational resources including water efficiency guidelines / City of Kelowna

19 Sep, 2008 G15_aeration_blowers

300 HP air blowers for a wastewater treatment plant / Mixing Systems Inc.

19 Sep, 2008 PR10_Recycled_park_bench

Products made from recycled plastic include park benches / Enviro Curb.

19 Sep, 2008 PR09_UBCcomposter

UBC's in-vessel system composts campus organics including food waste / University of BC.

19 Sep, 2008 PR09_windrowcomposting

Open windrow composting / American Bio Tech.

18 Sep, 2008 Official Community Plan (OCP)
18 Sep, 2008 Community Climate Change Agenda

Taking action on climate change can strengthen an integrated sustainability agenda that advances fundamental economic, social and environmental priorities in the community. The OCP creates an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across every sector of activity.

Land Use | Transportation | Buildings | Infrastructure | Government Operations

18 Sep, 2008 Blueprint for a Healthy Community

The Local Government Act authorizes the development of Official Community Plans (OCPs) in BC (Sections 875-879). An official community plan is a local government bylaw that provides objectives and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use management within the area covered by the plan. OCPs are significant because, after their adoption, all bylaws and works undertaken by a Council or Board must be consistent with the plan.

18 Sep, 2008 S06_GHG_Comparison

Lonsdale Energy Corporation.

18 Sep, 2008 S06_energygraph

Lonsdale Energy Corporation

18 Sep, 2008 S06_dh_diagram

Lonsdale Enerfy Corporation.

18 Sep, 2008 PR22_Toronto_bikes

The City of Toronto is creating opportunities for City employees to move away from automobiles with a pool of City bicycles. / City of Toronto, 2008

18 Sep, 2008 S04_Decal

This decal reminds drivers to turn off their engine and avoid idling / Township of Langley, 2007.


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