Summary Report on Local Government Climate Actions 2018

This report illustrates the continued progress by local governments to reduce carbon emissions through highlighting examples of the achievements and experiences of small, medium, and large communities in 2018. It includes:

  • Update on local government progress towards corporate carbon neutrality
  • Highlights of climate mitigation and adaptation actions taken by small, medium, and large communities across BC
  • Hyperlinked list of funding sources and programs used by local governments in support of climate action

2022 BC Best Practices Methodology for Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions

To ensure GHG methodologies are consistent and comparable, local governments should continue to use the standardized methodological guidance: 2022 B.C. Best Practices Methodology For Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions. This document, sets out the current best practices for quantifying and reporting GHG emissions from BC’s provincial public sector organizations, local governments, Modern Treaty Nations and other communities. This document also represents the consolidation of the previously stand-alone versions of PSO, Local Government (LG) and Community Energy and Emissions Inventory (CEEI) emissions methodology guides. It can be used by anyone using these other documents, or other groups who wish to calculate their corporate emissions. The methodology provides a basis for users to measure their greenhouse gas emissions with consistent and up-to-date best practices and provides comparable emissions reporting province-wide.


Self Certification Business Process Checklist

The purpose of the Self Certification Business Process Checklist is to ensure consistency, completeness and accuracy in the reporting of local government corporate GHG emissions regardless of which carbon inventory tool they choose to use.

Becoming Carbon Neutral Guidebook

The Becoming Carbon Neutral Guidebook builds on the Carbon Neutral Workbook and provides the next level of guidance for local governments on how to become carbon neutral, including step-by-step guidance on how to balance corporate emissions to zero by investing on GHG reduction projects and/or through purchased offsets.

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