June 9, 2022

Fleet Fuel Efficiency Policy


Engage staff in taking fuel action

Fuel efficiency policies mandate the environmental performance of vehicles and provide a framework for purchasing decisions. Speed, weight, purchasing, and other operating policies ensure that strict performance guidelines are achieved and demonstrate to drivers and managers how to achieve the highest fuel efficiency possible.Fuel efficiency policies set a standard for employee performance and a reference point for evaluation and should be developed in combination with driver awareness and training programs. Formalizing procedures also ensures consistency across all drivers, managers, and departments.


Fuel efficiency policies result in:

  • Reduced GHG emissions and related pollutants
  • Improved fuel performance
  • Improved safety of drivers
  • Consistency and accountability across fleet operations

A fuel efficiency policy is a simple way to communicate how you are going to take action on climate change

As with preventative maintenance, understanding manufacturer suggestions and tips for fuel efficient operation is important. Fuel efficiency policies should be developed to support a green fleet action plan and coincide with key learning points of driver awareness and training programs. A fuel data management system will be a particularly powerful tool in understanding, reviewing, and managing an effective fuel efficiency policy.


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