March 17, 2022

Green Fleet Action Plan


The backbone of a successful corporate fleet strategy

Green fleet action plans provide the foundation and overall direction for fuel efficient fleet management. They reflect business needs, costs, and technical opportunities and restraints.

Getting all user groups on board and maintaining effective, regular communication are key elements to success. Senior management support and commitment is critical to ensure the plan has the resources, direction, and the accountability at the implementation level necessary to succeed.


A green fleet action plan demonstrates commitment and organizes action plans around fuel efficient fleet operation. It also:

  • Reduces emissions and related pollutants
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Reduces insurance costs
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Aligns key players
  • Improves communication regarding fleet operations
  • Enhances public image
  • Builds pride in employees

A green fleet action plan should be developed alongside a larger corporate emissions reduction strategy

Green fleet action plans should always start with the calculation of fuel consumption and emissions baselines. As with other corporate reduction strategies, it should include the identification and assessment of different implementation strategies that will most effectively reduce emissions.

Key organizational stakeholders should be involved in its development. While each action plan will be different, certain elements should be present. These include:

  • Fuel efficiency and GHG emissions targets
  • Implementation strategies
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Milestones
  • Monitoring, measuring, and reporting
  • Key performance indicators

Once completed, you should communicate the green fleet action plan to all stakeholders involved and implement it as soon as possible. The community and media should be a part of this as well. They should also be a part of celebrating your successes. The more the community connects with the success you are having in reducing emissions, the more likely they are to work to reduce their own.

Learn more at E3Fleet Program.


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