Our Farmlands, Our Foodlands…Our Future

The people of the Capital Regional District (CRD) are actively seeking solutions to a sustainable food supply for the Region. This is especially challenging when farming is faced with rising land costs, labour shortages and
an aging farm population. This report summarizes the knowledge and recommendations gained at the conference on these challenges. It discusses key strategies, tools, and resources currently being employed, or that could be employed in the CRD to address these critical issues.

A Seat at the Table

This resource guide is designed to assist local governments promote food security and support food systems in BC. It showcases a sample of the wide range of innovative projects being developed or supported by local governments across the province.

It includes examples that are meant to pique your curiosity and inspire you to action, whether your community is just starting out or well on its way to creating a strong and healthy food system.

Download it here