ClimateReadyBC is an online platform to help the public and communities:

  • Understand disaster and climate risks
  • Find funding and supports to make communities more resilient

The platform is a disaster and climate risk reduction tool for public and community use.

It’s also a hub for future collaboration and growth. ClimateReadyBC will evolve through engagement with First Nations, local governments, and other partners.

Deeper collaboration and open access to risk data will prepare them to respond to disasters and climate-related events.

The goal of ClimateReadyBC is to build a service that meets the needs of communities across British Columbia.

Preparing Together for Climate Change

An Implementation Guide for Local Governments in British Columbia This guide focuses on ways to implement climate change adaptation strategies. This tool provides resources and information for local governments to learn more about understanding, preparing for, and adapting to climate change.

A Guidebook on Climate Scenarios

This guide is a useful tool of reference for both the climate change adaptation community and for those wanting to communicate climate information to decision-makers. The guide highlights the importance of working in collaboration with climate service providers and increases capacity of climate adaptation practitioners to better understand climate information. Those that use climate data regularly will find in this document ways to best showcase their results for different target audiences.

The guide provides fact sheets of key concepts in future climate modeling, outlines a framework to categorize climate information, provides a catalogue of climate information formats that can be associated to one of the categories identified in the document, discusses best practices in using future climate information given its inherent uncertainty, and highlights some case studies of how climate information can be used to guide decisions in climate change adaptation.