March 20, 2023

Secondary Indicators for Community Inventory Interpretation

Publish Date
June 2008
Ron Macdonald and Lyle Walker
The Sheltair Group

This project was initiated to review and propose ‘secondary’ or influence indicators of progress related to energy and GHG emissions at the community level.

Specific objectives of the project are to: 
  • Identify practical indicators to support the CEEI sectors – land use, transportation, buildings, solid waste, and agriculture – to provide local and provincial government representatives with enhanced indicators for monitoring the effectiveness of local government policy changes;
  • Review currently used community-based indicators focused on energy and GHG emissions including those established for regional growth strategies and community energy plans, as well as identify suitable benchmarks appropriate to the local government in BC energy and GHG emissions reduction context; and
  • Define those indicators for which targets may be suitable and are also within the control or sphere of influence of local governments.


  • Climate Action Planning
  • climate mitigation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • greenhouse gas reductions
  • Infrastructure