May 18, 2022

Model City Infrastructure

Publish Date
August 2020
City of Kelowna
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Model City Infrastructure (MCI) is a new analysis tool developed to assist Kelowna staff, Council and the public as they consider the long-term infrastructure implications of land use decisions. MCI enables the evaluation of the long-term financial performance of various types of neighbourhoods by comparing how much the City spends on long-term infrastructure in different neighbourhoods with the tax revenue and utility fees collected from them.

The MCI analysis focused on lifecycle costs, as opposed to up front capital costs, often associated with assuming infrastructure after development. It demonstrated that more complete and compact areas of Kelowna performed better financially than the areas that are characterized by auto-depend built form and low density and dispersed land uses.

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  • Infrastructure
  • infrastructure planning
  • Land use and Transportation
  • life cycle costs