April 9, 2021

E3 Fleet

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E3 Fleet is a unique, made-in-Canada program that helps public and private sector fleets of vehicles meet green standards for performance. E3 Fleet members gain access to helpful information, tools and resources, and two unique services:

  • Fleet Review: This is an independent review of a fleet’s performance, offering an analysis of key performance indicators and opportunities for improvement.
  • Fleet Rating: A fleet can also have its performance publicly recognized by qualifying for an E3 Fleet Rating at a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level on points accumulated that relate to a fleet’s action plan, training and awareness, idling reduction, vehicle purchasing, fuel data management, operations and maintenance, trip and route planning, utilization management, fuel efficiency, and greenhouse gas performance.
  • All vehicle fleets in Canada, including local government fleets.


  • Asset Management
  • Buildings and Fleets