January 3, 2023

Cycling Concepts

Cycling Embassy of Denmark
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The Cycling Embassy of Denmark has a mission is to encourage cycling all over the world by sharing their knowledge and expertise in the area of cycling. Cities worldwide face challenges related to the effects of car-oriented city planning, which leads to congestion, air pollution, noise, physical inactivity, CO2 emissions and crowded and unattractive public spaces are damaging our cities. It is proposed by the Cycling Embassy of Denmark that cycling is a key component in tackling these challenges.

Denmark has over 100 years of experience planning bicycle traffic. As a result, they have a high share of cyclists. Visit the Cycling Embassy of Denmark (CED) to gain knowledge about bicycle traffic with cities around the world working to promote cycling as a transport mode.


  • climate mitigation
  • community planning
  • greenhouse gas reductions
  • Transportation