December 25, 2016

Community Energy Implementation Framework

Publish Date
December 2016
Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow

The Community Energy Implementation Framework is a guide intended to help communities move Community Energy Plans (CEPs) from a vision to implementation.

It includes 10 strategies that provide insights, advice and a proposed path forward to:

  • Foster widespread political, staff and stakeholder support
  • Build staff and financial capacity for implementation
  • Embed energy into the plans, policies and processes of the local government

The Framework will answer questions such as:

  • Who should lead the development and implementation of the CEP?
  • What stakeholder groups should you engage with and when?
  • How can you effectively communicate with various stakeholder groups to ensure meaningful engagement and input?
  • What internal and external resources are available to support CEP implementation?
  • How can local government staff incorporate energy into existing plans and policies?
  • How can staff effectively monitor and report on implementation progress?
  • And more!

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