April 13, 2021

The City of Vernon Council Endorses Climate Action Plan

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City of Vernon
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At its Regular Meeting of April 12, Council endorsed the City’s first Climate Action Plan. The plan articulates a path to a resilient future for Vernon, where the community is more prepared for the impacts that climate change will bring and has worked to reduce its emissions.

“Endorsing the Climate Action Plan is an important step,” said Mayor Victor Cumming. “The plan reflects both the scientific data and the values of our community, which were expressed during an extensive public consultation process. It sets the stage for Vernon to be a leader in taking action on climate change. These actions will make us stronger and more resilient as a community. The money we invest now will save on future costs for emergency response, oil and gas for heating, and getting around, and will reduce interruptions and stress in our community.”

This plan is both practical and aspirational and reflects many community conversations, the knowledge of the Climate Action Advisory Committee, and the input of experts.

The Climate Action Plan sets targets that reflect the urgency of climate change and includes actions that not only help Vernon reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and get ready for the impacts that climate change brings, but also result in immediate benefits for our residents.

The City will now begin the development of an implementation strategy, including a long-term communications and engagement plan. To view the plan, visit vernon.ca/climateaction.

For more information, or if you have questions on the Climate Action Plan, contact Laurie Cordell, Manager, Long Range Planning and Sustainability at lcordell@vernon.ca.