February 28, 2022

Circular Economy Roadmap work aims to eliminate waste and promote continual use of resources within Squamish’s economic system

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District of Squamish
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District of Squamish begins circular economy work with a project focused on local textiles sector   

The District of Squamish has recently unveiled a draft Circular Economy Roadmap that aims to support economic prosperity while reducing environmental impacts in Squamish. The framework aligns with Council’s Strategic Plan to act on climate change and the Zero Waste Strategy, and offers a sustainable alternative to the current linear economic model which results in a ‘throw-away’ ending for many products and materials. 

A circular economy aims to keep products, components, and materials at their highest utility or value by eliminating waste and promoting the continual use of resources.  

“Fostering a circular economy in Squamish is a crucial step in our efforts towards achieving a zero-emission and zero waste community, and I’m excited to see this work build momentum,” says District of Squamish Mayor Karen Elliott. “The circular economy model helps us design out waste through reducing, reusing, repairing, and recycling materials, while also creating a stronger, more resilient and climate-friendly local economy.”  

In 2022, the District aims to set the foundations to sustain an ongoing circular economy in Squamish which will include education and engagement with local industries. Through the recently released Roadmap, the District identified three areas of focus to initiate discovery research; the built environment, food systems and textiles. The District has embarked on a project to aid in the initial discovery work, and will focus on the establishment of a circular economy in the textiles sector over the next six months. The project is valued at $25,000 with 50 per cent of project funding from the Mitacs Business Strategy Internship program.  

The Roadmap, in its draft form, was introduced by the District of Squamish at a November workshop during which more than 50 business, government, education and training providers, and non-profit sector leaders participated. Participants heard firsthand from circular economy experts on global and regional trends and strategies. Participants were then invited to discuss opportunities in the community for circularity within Squamish sectors. A recording of the session is available on the District website along with a workshop summary report.  

View the draft roadmap and learn more about the Circular Economy initiative at squamish.ca/squamish-circular-economy.

Local businesses can learn more and get involved by contacting economicdevelopment@squamish.ca.

February 28, 2022