Development Permit Areas for Climate Action

The purpose of this guide is to help local governments use their DPA authority to conserve energy, conserve water and/or reduce GHG emissions. The guide is intended primarily for local governments and their planning staff. The content of the guide may also benefit others involved in land-use planning and development, including developers, builders, architects, landscape architects and planning consultants.

The information contained in this guide is intended to help local governments make strategic choices about using DPAs effectively for action on climate change. The guide:

• describes the legislative authority for DPAs for climate action;

• identifies considerations for local governments that are undertaking a climate action DPA;

• presents examples of DPA strategies for energy conservation, water conservation and GHG reduction; and,

• highlights local government examples of climate action DPAs and related initiatives.


Intergovernmental Relations and Planning Division
Ministry of Community Sport and Cultural Development
Nov, 2011
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