Small-scale Biomass District Heating Guide

This Guide supports the growing number of small communities across British Columbia interested in making a business case for biomass district heating. 

Small-scale biomass district heating systems can be a centerpiece of an integrated strategy on clean energy, energy independence, and the transition to a green economy such a strategy.  A number of benefits can be demonstrated by many communities that have established such systems in their village centres or neighbourhoods.

These include:

  • reductions in greenhouse gas emissions;
  • local economic development through attracting investment,
  • clean energy job creation, infrastructure development and keeping energy dollars circulating locally; and
  • increased local energy reliability, resilience and security. 

This handbook is written primarily for local governments and First Nations elected officials and staff to support an active local government and band role in developing clean energy and a green economy. It is a companion piece to the "Small-Scale Biomass District Heating Handbook."

Author: Community Energy Association
Publisher: Province of BC and Natural Resources Canada.
Aug, 2013
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