Green Development Guide

Green development practices are methods of building our communities in a manner that respects our natural environment.

It recognizes that conventional development practices can negatively impact the natural ecosystems that we depend on but that by changing the way we develop our towns and cities we can lessen or eliminate ecosystem degradation and improve our quality of life.

The Green Development Guide provides an explanation of green development topics and highlights green development practices which are applicable to development conditions within Coquitlam and many other communities in British Columbia.

Material contained in the Green Development Guide can be used to facilitate discussions regarding sustainable development and as a potential resource for further study.
The Green Development Guide is a series of primers and case studies. Primers provide background material on the following topics:
  • Green Building
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Open Space
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Sustainable Neighbourhoods.
The Further Resources section at the end of the guide provides additional information related to each topic.  
Key Authors: Erin Ferguson and Aleksandra Brzozowski
Publisher: y City of Coquitlam’s Community Planning Division
Feb, 2008
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