March 20, 2023

Small Wind Siting and Zoning Study 

Publish Date
April 2006
eFormative Options, LLC and Entegrity Wind Systems, Inc.
Canadian Wind Energy Association

This study consists of five sections. Section 1 sums up the current treatment of small wind turbines in Canada, relying upon interviews, surveys and other research to paint a picture of how small wind turbine applications fare in the current regulatory environment, the definition of “small wind,” and how provincial and municipal government regulations impact these proposed electricity generators. Lessons learned from the U.S., where a few states have fairly mature planning and permitting systems in place, are also incorporated into this analysis. It is clear that at present, few, if any, Canadian municipalities, regions, provinces or other governmental structures possess an ideal package of policies governing small wind turbines.


  • Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Generation
  • Energy Planning
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Green Infrastructure
  • greenhouse gas reductions