March 1, 2023

Policy and Governance Tools for Renewable Energy

Community Energy Association
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Local governments around the world have been leaders in tackling climate change by promoting renewable energy at the community level, with innovative policies and programs that have made an impact on national energy policy.

Local governments can bring substantial benefits to their communities by encouraging and supporting the development of renewable energy.

Renewable energy includes sources of energy that are neither derived from fossil fuels (such as coal, oil, natural gas and propane) nor from nuclear power.

Renewable energy should be considered alongside other energy initiatives, including energy efficiency, sustainable transportation and sustainable community planning.

Local governments are well placed to champion renewable energy. Opportunities outlined in this guide include:

  • Local government policy frameworks that encourage or require developers to incorporate neighbourhood-scale renewable energy technologies (or ‘microgeneration’) into new developments
  • Removing barriers to renewable energy in the planning and permitting systems
  • Encouraging independent power producers to develop local renewable energy projects
  • Encouraging renewable energy utility companies to develop local renewable energy projects, such as ground-source heating and renewable district energy.


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