Vehicle and Fleet Right-Sizing




Vehicle and Fleet Right-sizing

The City of Hamilton uses a purchasing policy to ensure vehicles are right-sized and appropriate for the work they do. The fleet is recognized as one of the most successful government fleets in Canada. / City of Hamilton, 2007Vehicle and fleet right-sizing is a core process of turning today’s fleet into tomorrow’s. The process involves analyzing and understanding the collection of tasks that you need your fleet to accomplish.

This includes coordination and scheduling considerations. Once you have a picture of the vehicles required to complete those tasks, you can minimize the assets that you do hold and reduce your capital investment in your fleet, while still completing the tasks you need to. [1]

A fuel efficient vehicle purchasing strategy should accompany and inform this process to ensure that you buy the most fuel efficient and life cycle cost effective vehicles possible that fit your needs.


The benefits of vehicle and fleet right-sizing include:

  • More efficient operating practices.
  • Reduced GHG emissions and related pollutants.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Reduced insurance costs.
  • Freed up capital.

Community Examples

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[1] (2006). E3 Fleet. Fraser Basin Council

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