Fleet Preventative Maintenance Program




Increases Fuel Efficiency while Reducing Operating Costs

Preventative maintenance is one of the most important components of a green fleet strategy.

A preventative maintenance program reduces vehicle downtime, helps optimize fuel and emissions performance, and increases awareness of sound maintenance practices. It involves identifying and scheduling regular maintenance and inspection criteria. Both minor and major maintenance should be defined and scheduled regularly to achieve optimal engine performance. Schedule maintenance according to driving distance, engine hours, and/or time period. [1]


A preventative maintenance program is one of the best things you can do for your fleet, even if you are not trying to reduce GHG emissions. Benefits include:

  • Improved fuel performance.
  • Improved driver and mechanic / technician satisfaction.
  • Reduced GHG emissions and related pollutants.
  • Optimal lifetime vehicle utilization.
  • Predictable operations and reduced downtime.
  • Improved client satisfaction.
  • Improved driver safety.
  • Higher resale value.
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[1] E3 Fleet. (2006) Fraser Basin Council. www.e3fleet.com.