January 3, 2023

Community Energy Planning: The Value Proposition

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Canadian CED Network
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Community Energy Plans (CEPs) provide the pathway for communities to become aware of and take part in solid economic returns on investments, environmental gains, health benefits, and improved quality of life for local residents.

Canadian cities, towns and villages have influence over approximately 60 percent of energy consumption and over half of all GHG emissions in Canada. Consequently, communities have the potential to make significant contributions to addressing Canada’s current and future energy and climate challenges.

A Community Energy Plan (CEP) is a tool that drives community priorities around energy with a view to increasing efficiency, reducing emissions and driving economic development.

The report draws primarily on the findings of six comprehensive economic analyses of CEP actions and programs, and case studies to illustrate the value proposition of CEP implementation to communities across Canada.


  • climate mitigation
  • climate solutions
  • community planning
  • economy
  • Energy
  • Green Infrastructure
  • greenhouse gas reductions