Design Guide for Municipal LEED Buildings

This resource is designed to assist municipalities to effectively construct and develop high performance and LEED® certified buildings.The GVRD Design Guide for Municipal LEED Buildings is more of a “how-to-guide” and Technology Series that places a greater emphasis on practical solutions that will help municipalities in the GVRD achieve higher levels of performance and LEED certification.

In conjunction with this Guide, a series of Technology Fact Sheets has been developed to provide municipalities with detailed information on specific sustainable technologies. These fact sheets are intended to promote market-ready, sustainable technologies that are applicable throughout the Greater Vancouver Region. The technologies include: 
• Geo-exchange heating and cooling systems
• Waterless urinals
• Domestic solar hot water
• Daylighting
• Demand control ventilation
These fact sheets can also be used as stand-alone documents
Authors: Busby Perkins+Will and Stantec Consulting
Publisher: Metro Vancouver
Oct, 2008
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