Clean Energy for a Green Economy - An Introduction for Rural Communities

This guide provides an introduction to the wide range of clean energy strategies and green economy opportunities for rural communities in British Columbia.

Rural communities can reap substantial benefits by leading the development of clean energy and energy efficiency, helping communities make the transition to a green economy. Primary benefits include:

  • improved air quality,
  • local economic development through attracting investment, job creation, infrastructure development, and keeping energy dollars circulating locally; and
  • increased local energy reliability, resilience and security.

In addition, these projects can result in significant greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, which support local, provincial and global climate objectives. Clean Energy for a Green Economy is written primarily for local governments and band councils, elected officials and staff, to support an active local government and band role in these initiatives. This guide may also be useful to local economic development officers and others with an interest in clean energy and the green economy

The guide has two sections, with Part One providing a primer on a variety of clean energy strategies and project case studies from communities throughout BC. Part Two includes a framework to get your community to the stage where it can begin to implement a clean energy or energy efficiency project, helping your community to create new employment and business development opportunities, and transition to a green economy.

Author: Community Energy Association & The Province of BC
Publisher: RuralBC Secretariat, Ministry of Community and Rural Development, and the Community Energy Association. The guide was funded by the Province of British Columbia
Sep, 2010
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