Carbon Neutral Kootenays Webinar Series

Community Energy Association


The Carbon Neutral Kootenays project Aims to help Kootenay local governments and First Nations with their common commitment to become carbon neutral in their own operations.

The project is now in the implementation phase (Phase 2). Throughout May and June 2011 CEA delivered eight webinars to raise awareness of climate action topics. The webinar recordingss can be found on the Columbia Basin Trust website.

Webinar Links:

Webinar 1: Utilities Programs and Incentives

Webinar 2: Fuel and Fleet Management

Webinar 3: Sustainable Heating Options

Webinar 4: Municipal Building Retrofits

Webinar 5: Wastewater Treatment, Energy Optimization

Webinar 6: Water Treatment Systems

Webinar 7: Inventory Maintenance