Management Plan Elements

Resource management plans can set the direction for infrastructure development and therefore have a significant influence on the emissions that result from that infrastructure.

To plan for low-carbon infrastructure, development of a resource management plan can include these elements:

  • Define energy, emissions and sustainability goals, objectives and targets as clearly as possible (this could also be done as part of a Green Infrastructure Policy)
  • Decision making rationales that are linked with the above goals and objectives
  • Consideration of zero waste principles
  • Recognizing the economic value of all resources
  • Consideration of water-centric management or watershed-scale planning
  • Identification of linkages with other infrastructure systems, and opportunities for integration of different systems and resources including waste materials, water, and energy
  • Strong demand management where appropriate
  • Integration and/or harmonization with other plans
  • A monitoring plan that includes key sustainability and emissions indicators

These planning elements will help to ensure that infrastructure and resource management solutions address emissions in all key decisions, and as many other sustainability objectives as possible.