BC Climate Action Charter

Under the B.C. Climate Action Charter, local government signatories commit to take actions to become carbon neutral in their corporate operations and reduce community-wide emissions by creating more complete, compact and energy efficient rural and urban communities.

Most B.C. communities have made the commitment to become carbon neutral. Out of 190 BC Local Governments (including the Islands Trust) 187 have signed the British Columbia Climate Action Charter.

Carbon neutral corporate operations are about taking responsibility for the carbon pollution or greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated through local government operations.

Community-wide climate action is a shared effort amongst all members of the community. Local government actions indirectly affect the community, influencing approximately half of BC’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Charter Successes

Local Government Climate Action Charter Signatories from across BC continue to work towards reducing GHG emissions and taking actions to make their communities more complete, compact and energy efficient.

Since 2007, the joint Provincial – UBCM Green Communities Committee (GCC) has worked with local governments to assist them in achieving these goals, including developing a common approach for carbon neutrality.

The GCC annually reviews local government progress towards carbon neutrality based on the data in local governments’ Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Reports.

Progress Review

The GCC’s review of the 2015 CARIP reports revealed that local governments are once again continuing to demonstrate leadership in taking action and making substantial progress towards reducing their corporate and community-wide emissions: 54 (31%) of reporting local governments (174) achieved carbon neutral status in 2015. Local governments that measured GHGs in 2015 reduced, balanced or offset approximately 142,991 tonnes of GHGs, roughly 60% of their collective corporate footprint. 

Together these local governments reported on a wide-range of community-wide reduction projects, such as implementing innovative approaches to encourage walking and cycling and undertaking feasibility studies on landfill gas capture systems.

More information:

Jennifer Hill, Manager, Intergovernmental Initiatives,

Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development



Note: New signatories ~ please submit your signed copy of the Climate Action Charter to the Union of BC Municipalities.