Preparing for Climate Change - An Implementation Guide for Local Governments in British Columbia

Preparing for Climate Change: An Implementation Guide for Local Governments in BC is designed to assist local government elected officials and staff, including planners, engineers, chief administrative officers, financial officers and others, to plan and act in ways that will make their communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

This resource identifies the tools that local governments can use to implement climate change adaptation strategies. Preparing for and responding to climate change impacts will, in most communities, engage a wide range of existing local government services and responsibilities, such as, for example, land use planning, transportation systems, infrastructure, emergency response planning and delivery, community services, corporate services and management, financial planning and asset management.
Wherever possible, this guide provides concrete examples, drawing on the growing experience of local governments in BC, and also some examples from outside the province. Many of the strategies that can help to address a changing climate are also good practices that will benefit communities regardless of the climate change impacts they face. These benefits may assist local governments in developing a “business case” for climate change adaptation action. 
Author: Deborah Carlson at West Coast Environmental Law
Publisher: NRCAN, the Province of British Columbia, and the Fraser Basin Council.
Oct, 2012
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