Cycling in Cities

Cycling in Cities is a research program investigating factors that encourage or discourage bicycling, transportation infrastructure associated with increased or decreased risks of cycling injuries, and air pollution and cycling.

Studies Include: 

  • Using evidence from injury studies to update training materials in Canada. [pdf]
  • Safe cycling: How do risk perceptions compare with actual risk? [pdf]
  • The impact of transportation infrastructure on risk of injuries while cycling: I. Non-Intersections and II. Intersections. [pdf]
  • Air pollution exposure and health impacts of cyclists along two bicycle routes in Vancouver. [pdf]
  • The complementary role of academics, advocates and government agencies in influencing cycling facilities and route networks. [pdf]
  • Bike Score: Applying research to build web-based tools to promote cycling. [pdf]
Author: School of Population & Public Health
Publisher: University of British Columbia
Jul, 2012
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