Creating a Change in Climate Through Local Action

Partners for Climate Protection is based on the CCP Campaign of a five milestone framework used to guide municipalities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
The five milestone process is a performance-based model which remains flexible; milestones do not need to be completed in sequential order. Each milestone provides an opportunity for municipal capacity building.
The five milestones are:
  1. Creating a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast;
  2. Setting an emissions reductions target;
  3. Developing a local action plan;
  4. Implementing the local action plan or a set of activities;
  5. Monitoring progress and reporting results.
This guide is focused on Milestone 3. The text describes all aspects of your plan, such as:
  • the rationale for developing a plan, including a description of constraints and challenges
  • an inventory of all community and municipal infrastructure, the amount of energy used and the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions they produce
  • the plan’s long- and short-term goals 
  • assigning responsibilities and time frames to all actions
  • metrics for defining progress and measuring success
For PCP members, these aspects are necessary components to include in the local action plan in order to receive recognition for Milestone 3.
Publisher: Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Jul, 2012
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