PICS Climate Insights 101

Organisation: Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions


  • Discover what is causing climate change
  • Interpret what it means for BC’s future climate
  • Learn how governments can help slow the rate of change and help society adapt
Get the tools and know-how to achieve those results by taking the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) Climate Insights 101 online courses and mini-lessons on climate change causes, adaptation and mitigation. These education tools have been developed and peer reviewed by world leading climate scientists and experts from British Columbia.

Climate Insights 101

A trilogy of animated and interactive courses on the causes of climate change, both natural and human-induced, and where the solutions lie through mitigation and adaptation. View all courses.

Climate Insights: Mini Lessons

These fun and engaging mini-lesson videos explain the basics of climate science and expose common climate myths. View all mini lessons.

Teaching Resources

Q&A discussion points based on the Climate Insights 101 courses, plus the latest PICS webcast guest lecture and seminars. View all teaching resources.

Lectures and Seminars

PICS also offers ongoing education and information via presentations and speakers at each of the four universities. Most PICS seminars and public lectures are available via live webcasts, which are subsequently archived. View events archive
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We've all heard about global warming but how many of us understand the climate science behind it?