Community Energy and Emissions Plan: QuickStart

BC Hydro
QuickStart is a facilitated process that helps communities develop their Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP) and to achieve the GHG reduction and energy conservation targets set in their Official Community Plans or Regional Growth Strategies.
CEEP: QuickStart helps you move into action. BC Hydro understands the time and resource challenges faced by local government and the offer has been designed to:
  • Leverage existing data such as Community Energy & Emissions Inventory (CEEI), BC Stats, and BC Assessment Authority
  • Lead local government through the CEEP development process
  • Support the creation of a practical project plan based on specific policy, regulatory, fiscal and operational actions
  • Engage Council for CEEP approval enabling electricity and GHG savings
The CEEP: QuickStart process outlined below has been designed and streamlined specifically with small local government in mind:
Upload comprehensive community information for analysis by BC Hydro and select your preferred CEEP: QuickStart workshop dates.
Engage in a 1 hour webinar approximately 1 week prior to your workshop to build on foundations from the pre-workshop reading.
Develop a CEEP in your 1.5 day workshop, led by an expert in the field, funded by BC Hydro.
Gain council approval and put your CEEP into action. Green your community and achieve electricity and GHG savings.
CEEP: QuickStart participants commit to and are responsible for:
  • Taking ownership and demonstrating leadership over the CEEP
  • Obtaining Council approval of the CEEP
  • Implementing the CEEP in their community
  • Joining BC Hydro's Community of Practice
  • Submitting six and twelve month reports to BC Hydro
Benefits to those communities involved with CEEP: QuickStart include:
  • A no-cost assessment of your municipality’s current situation with respect to energy consumption and GHG emissions, including consideration of electricity conservation measures associated with BC Hydro Power Smart Programs
  • A step-by-step model that takes your local government though the CEEP development process, funded entirely by BC Hydro
  • Access to Power Smart's technical, energy management and CEEP expertise and resources throughout the CEEP development process
  • An action-oriented CEEP that when implemented will deliver electricity and GHG savings
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