Translink Goes 100% Renewable Energy, Including Fleet and Buildings


Renewable Cities

Thu, 10/11/2018
Last week, TransLink, Metro Vancouver's transit operator, made waves. Its board voted to accept a strategy to move the organization to 100 per cent renewable energy, including its fleet (from buses to rapid transit to passenger ferries to service vehicles) and all buildings and facilities.
Currently, about one-quarter of TransLink's transit fleet runs on renewable power. The plan includes a shift to battery-electric buses and other renewable fuels for vehicles, as well as aggressive building energy measures. What's more, TransLink's shift is built on a solid economic case and the organization sees cost savings in its future.
But the bigger opportunity lies with British Columbia's clean growth strategy, which is under development. Could TransLink's strategy provide a template for the Government of British Columbia? We'd like to think so. Imagine transit, charter, tour and other bus fleets throughout British Columbia, powered by 100 per cent renewable energy.