Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU)

The Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU) is an environmentally-friendly community energy system that provides space heating and domestic hot water to all new buildings in Southeast False Creek (SEFC), including but not limited to the Olympic Village.

The City of Vancouver’s Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU) has many benefits.

Environmental Benefits: The NEU has economies of scale and flexible infrastructure that can adapt to using a wide variety of renewable "waste energy" options that would otherwise not be available to an individual building heating system. Through its high system efficiencies and by using sewage heat recovery to supply approximately 70% of the annual energy demand, the NEU eliminates over 50% of the carbon emissions associated with the heating of buildings. In addition, the LEED™ buildings connected to the NEU further minimise energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions using high quality building envelope design and hot water radiant heating systems. Furthermore, the NEU utilizes surplus energy generated by solar thermal modules located on the roof tops of three Olympic Village buildings.

Social Benefits: Through the NEU’s use of renewable energy sources and flexibility to adapt to future energy technologies, it is anticipated that NEU customers will enjoy rate stability that outperforms conventional options. Also, the NEU supports the use of radiant hot water heating systems in buildings that provide customers with a higher level of comfort at a lower energy use, as compared to conventional space heating options. In addition, the NEU eliminates heat production equipment from SEFC buildings, creating more space for green roofs and reducing maintenance for building owners.

Economic Benefits: The NEU is a self-funded utility that will provide return on investment to the City’s tax payers, while at the same time providing competitive rates to NEU customers. The NEU helps building developers meet the energy efficiency and green building requirements for SEFC more cost effectively as compared to the use of distributed stand-alone green energy options, such as geo-exchange.


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