Solar powered circulators make a splash in District of Elkford sewage lagoons

The District of Elkford installed solar powered circulators in one of its sewage lagoons to eliminate the need for hydro power and added chemicals.

The District of Elkford is reducing its dependence on electricity by installing a solar powered circulator in a sewage lagoon.The District of Elkford recently installed a solar powered circulator known as the SolarBee in one of its liquid waste sewage lagoons.

The solar powered circulators reduce maintenance and hydro costs, and eliminate the need to add chemicals to the liquid waste.The SolarBee technology also creates an odour cap, reduces sludge buildup and produces a better quality effluent.The technology has been adapted to work in Canadian winters if the water freezes, and the solar panels can adjust for low angle solar radiation during winter months.

The District of Elkford received an award for innovation and leadership from the Union of BC Municipalities for this project. There are plans to expand this project with the purchase of another SolarBee.

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