Bill 27: Opportunities and Strategies for Green Action

In May 2008, the “Green Communities” legislation known as Bill 27 amended the Local Government Act and Community Charter. In June 2009, West Coast Environmental Law released a discussion paper titled Bill 27: Opportunities and Strategies for Green Action by BC Local Governments.

Written by West Coast Staff Counsel, Susan Rutherford, the discussion paper is organized by four Green Action topics [which] are:

1.   Global Warming Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Energy Reduction;
2.   Climate Change Adaptation;
3.   Water Sustainability; and
4.   Sustainable Land Use

Under each topic, the paper discusses New Requirements and New Opportunities, as well as Strategies for overcoming challenges and making the best use of the powers for achieving each of the Green Action objectives,” explains Susan Rutherford, who is also a member of the Green Infrastructure Partnership Steering Committee.

Author: Rutherford, Susan
Publisher: West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation
Aug, 2009
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