Community-scale Energy and GHG Modelling Tools: Webinar and Case Study Series

The Province of BC and Smart Planning for Communities

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 The Province of BC and Smart Planning for Communities, a program of the Fraser Basin Council, present the following six case studies and webcasts. Each case study describes a distinct community-scale energy and GHG modelling tool highlighting the recent experience of five local governments in British Columbia.

Download case studies and webcasts from the table below:

 Community & Purpose

 Tool Used  




 Kootenay (RD)


 E2 Tool  Sheltair/Stantec  RDCK
 Case Study
 RDCK (.wmv)
 RDCK (.mov)



 Numerical Model  Jordan Fisher
 & Associates
 Case Study
 Colwood (.wmv)
 Colwood (.mov)

 Fraser Valley


 GHG Proof   Sustainability
 Solutions Group
 Case Study

 FVRD (.wmv)
 FVRD (.mov)

 City of North Vancouver
 (part 1)

100 Year

 Carbon Neutral City    UBC’s
 Design Centre

 for Sustainability
 NV (1)
 Case Study

 NV (1) (.wmv)
 NV (1) (.mov)

 City of North Vancouver
 (part 2)


 Low Carbon Path  HB Lanarc  NV (2)
 Case Study

 NV (2) (.wmv)
 NV (2) (.mov)

 Prince George



 PG Case   Study

 PG (.wmv)
 PG (.mov)


CEEP: Community Energy and Emissions Plans

RGS: Regional Growth Strategy

ICSP: Integrated Community Sustainability Plan 


The Province of BC and Smart Planning for Communities, a program of the Fraser Basin Council, would like to acknowledge the cooperation and contributions of those in Colwood, Prince George, North Vancouver City, Regional District of Central Kootenay, Fraser Valley Regional District, Jordan Fisher and Associates, Natural Resources Canada, UBC Design Centre for Sustainability, HB Lanarc, Stantec, and Sustainability Solutions Group in preparing these case studies and webcasts.

*Webcasts  in .wmv format are compatible with a Windows PC environment, the .mov format works with an Apple Macintosh platform

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