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23 Sep, 2008 Green Infrastructure Policy
23 Sep, 2008 Solidifying Your Infrastructure Objectives

Hope reduced energy costs through the construction of a new water resevoir (prior to construction, they need to pump 200,000 gallons a day to maintain water quality in an open air reservoir).

23 Sep, 2008 Policy for Low-Carbon Infrastructure

A set of clear objectives that address energy, emissions and broader sustainability issues is one step in a structured approach to addressing emissions due to infrastructure systems. These objectives are often not well established within local government policy and existing infrastructure design and engineering processes, and can be viewed as complementary to other, more established design criteria such as those for health and safety, quality, and reliability.

23 Sep, 2008 S12_containers

Each family home recieved a container to collect food scraps and soiled paper, a green bin on wheels to take to the curb and biodegradable bags to line the large collection bin.

23 Sep, 2008 S12_council

Information booth to public awareness. / Town of Ladysmith.

23 Sep, 2008 Sustainability Checklist
23 Sep, 2008 Organics Management
23 Sep, 2008 Local Governments and Organics Management

In BC, many local governments, particularly regional districts, manage landfills. Many existing landfills are generating emissions from previously disposed waste; the proposed BC Landfill Gas Regulation aims to maximize reductions of landfill gas emissions and identify opportunities to increase landfill gas recovery and its beneficial use.

23 Sep, 2008 Creating a Sustainability Checklist
23 Sep, 2008 Keeping Organics Out of the Landfill

Ladysmith is the first municipality in BC to introduce universal residential curbside pick-up of organic waste.</body></html>

23 Sep, 2008 QS1_RuralCommunity_Saanich

Small and Rural Communities will likely develop more comprehensive programs that complement climate action / District of Saanich.

23 Sep, 2008 Smart Neighbourhoods
23 Sep, 2008 How to Foster Smart Neighbourhood Development in your Community

Smart Neighbourhoods may be encouraged at a number of scales and locations:

23 Sep, 2008 A Catalyst for Sustainable Practices

Smart Neighbourhoods are designed to be efficient, healthy and economical places to live, work, shop and play. They help cut GHG emissions primarily through a reduction in car trips – up to 40 % less compared to a typical suburban neighbourhood. [1] Additional benefits are that Smart Neighbourhoods increase residents’ health and quality of life.

23 Sep, 2008 Zoning Bylaw
23 Sep, 2008 S09_Cap100yrVision

100 Year Vision of Lower Capilano / District of North Vancouver.

23 Sep, 2008 S09_Cap50yrVision

50 Year Vision of Lower Capilano / District of North Vancouver.

23 Sep, 2008 S09_100yrConcept

100 Year Concept Plan / District of North Vancouver. 



22 Sep, 2008 E3 Fleet

E3 Fleet® is North America’s first green rating program for vehicle fleets, and was developed in BC with key input from both public and private fleets.  

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