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12 Apr, 2017 Deep Emissions Reduction in the Existing Building Stock

Deep Emissions Reduction in the Existing Building Stock report offers distilled and synthesized discussions from the 2016 Pathways to Net-Zero Buildings thought leader forum. The report puts forward a set of recommended targets and strategies for the B.C. and federal governments to accelerate policy development and market transformation for high-efficiency buildings.

10 Apr, 2017 Report - Getting on Board: Learning from planning and engagement around rapid transit projects in Ontario

New Pembina Institute's report shares lessons from planning and engagement around rapid transit projects in Ontario. 

28 Mar, 2017 City of Vancouver shares guidelines for designing AAA cycling routes

City of Vancouver shares the 10 "rules of thumb" to considers when building cycling routes for people of all ages and abilities (AAA).

27 Mar, 2017 Saanich embarks on path to completely renewable energy

Saanich council supports the goal of 100 per cent renewable energy.

15 Mar, 2017 Funding now available for municipalities to tackle greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change
FCM just announced new funding for plans and studies to help municipalities take action on climate change. Canadian cities and communities of all sizes can now apply for grants up to $175,000 for plans and studies to reduce GHGs and prepare for climate change impacts, such as extreme storms, hotter summers and colder winters. 
08 Mar, 2017 BC Energy Step Code Awareness and Readiness Survey

BC local government staff are invited to participate in BC Energy Step Code Awareness and Readiness Survey.

06 Mar, 2017 Squamish Community Carbon Marketplace Launched

The District of Squamish is one step closer to achieving carbon-neutrality through its own Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM), an online carbon exchange initiative supporting local projects that target Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reductions. A CCM will enable the District to meet carbon-neutral objectives by purchasing community carbon credits generated by local projects. 

01 Mar, 2017 Toolkit Newsletter: Climate Action Updates for BC Local Governments - Spring 2017

Check out the latest Climate Action Toolkit e-news with free programs, grants, valuable tools and success stories from local government peers.

28 Feb, 2017 Ecosystem Services Toolkit: Completing and Using Ecosystem Service Assessment for Decision-Making - An Interdisciplinary Toolkit for Managers and Analysts

Ecosystem Services Toolkit: Completing and Using Ecosystem Service Assessment for Decision-Making is a technical guide to ecosystem services assessment and analysis that offers practical, step-by-step guidance for governments at all levels, as well as for consultants and researchers. The guide contains numerous innovative tools and resources designed to enhance users’ understanding of ecosystem services and to support analysis and decision-making.

27 Feb, 2017 New Solutions for Sustainable Stormwater Management in Canada

The New Solutions for Sustainable Stormwater Management in Canada report provides Canadian local governments with an introduction to stormwater user fees and to the various other tools that they can implement to take an integrated approach to better urban stormwater management through the use of green infrastructure.

27 Feb, 2017 Showcasing Successful Green Stormwater Infrastructure – Lessons from Implementation
A 2016 FBC report Showcasing Successful Green Stormwater Infrastructure – Lessons from Implementation profiles successful implementation of green stormwater infrastructure in Metro Vancouver and Victoria across three urban land use types:
  • Streetscapes
  • Residential Communities, and
  • Institutional Sites

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21 Feb, 2017 Success Story: A push for innovation - an economic way to increase safe cycling in Kelowna

BC Climate Action Toolkit's Success Stories is a series of case studies that showcase and celebrate climate action initiatives by BC local government. Our latest story is on City of Kelowna's creative use of wireless pushbutton technology used to detect cyclists at road intersections and increase cyclist safety at a fraction of a cost. Read on...

06 Feb, 2017 New programs to help address climate change and strengthen infrastructure planning

FCM introduces new climate change and infrastructure programs

31 Jan, 2017 Climate Risk: Getting to Action | Professionals’ Perspectives on Climate Change Challenges

New ACT report designed to be a conversation starter rather than an exhaustive analysis of the issues, summarizes key ideas on examples of climate change challenges and solutions for selected professions synthesized from discussions conducted with the ACTPAC over the past two years, as well as insights gained during an ACT workshop with BC thought leaders held in Vancouver on September 9th, 2016, entitled Climate Risk: Getting to Action.

30 Jan, 2017 2012 Community Energy and Emissions Inventory (CEEI) reports are now available

Climate Action Secretariat just announced the 2012 CEEI reports have been posted online.

16 Jan, 2017 Planning Toolkits - Obstacles and Solutions Survey

Okanagan Basin Water Board is inviting all those involved in planning decisions in their communities to provide input on existing toolkits and guides that contain best practices and legal approaches to help communities adapt to climate change, support conservation, and practice sustainable development. 

11 Jan, 2017 Great examples of how investing in healthy communities brings benefits for the environment as well!

BC Healthy Communities shares recordings of these inspiring projects: Comox Valley active travel planning initiative ow.ly/EQAc307PTwa and Kamloops engagement efforts in food security programs http://ow.ly/te26307PUK6.

09 Jan, 2017 2017 CARIP Climate Action and Carbon Neutral Reporting Dates and Requirements (for 2016 reporting year)

2017 Carbon Neutral Reporting Instructions and Key Deadlines (for 2016 reporting year) are now available to help guide BC local governments CARIP Carbon Neutral Reporting Process. B.C. local governments must complete the online 2016 CARIP Climate Action/Carbon Neutral Progress Survey, make the information public and submit a public report attestation form, signed by the Financial Officer on or before June 1, 2017.

03 Jan, 2017 Peer exchange on the road towards 100% renewable heating and cooling

Cities, businesses and academia look for ways to integrate district energy systems in energy planning and policies to accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy. 

21 Dec, 2016 Economic Analysis of CEPs report

New GIT report looks at six major methods of economic analysis and includes advice on considerations in interpretation of results, the need for specialized expertise, the approximate cost and level of effort, and data requirements.


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