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08 Oct, 2016 West Vancouver Council Builds Aggressive Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals into Planning, Transportation Processes

District of West Vancouver council has adopted the Community Energy & Emissions Plan, committing the District to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from community sources by 40 per cent by 2040.

03 Oct, 2016 2016 UBCM Community Excellence Awards Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2016 UBCM Community Excellence Awards! 

26 Sep, 2016 Renewable Cities Outcomes Report—North American Dialogue on 100% Renewable Energy in Cities

This Renewable Cities outcomes report is a summary of a 3-day dialogue in San Francisco where 20 local governments shared knowledge and ideas on how to transition to 100% renewable energy.

20 Sep, 2016 FCM's Green Municipal Fund 2015–2016 Annual Report

FCM has released their Green Municipal Fund 2015–2016 Annual Report. Learn how FCM’s Green Municipal Fund can help your community, from cleaner water and more efficient use of resources, such as energy, to better municipal services.

18 Sep, 2016 Asset Management Planning and Training Funding Confirmed

Matching grants of up to $10,000.00 are now available under the 2017 Asset Management Planning Program.

29 Aug, 2016 The City of Victoria Adopts Community-wide 100% Renewable Energy Target

City of Victoria announced a shift to 100% renewable energy!

29 Aug, 2016 Check out the latest issue of BC Climate Action Toolkit eNews!

The latest BC Climate Action Toolkit newsletter is out! Get the latest climate action updates for BC municipalities and read about current programs, grants, valuable tools and success stories from BC local governments and their peers. 

21 Aug, 2016 Funding Opportunity - The Energy Innovation Program: Clean Energy Innovation

Natural Resources Canada's Energy Innovation Program (EIP) is providing funding to support clean energy innovation.

21 Aug, 2016 BC's Climate Leadership Plan Released

The provincial government unveiled the Climate Leadership Plan on Friday, August 19, 2016.

15 Aug, 2016 Policies to Accelerate Community Energy Plans: An Analysis of British Columbia, Ontario and the Northwest Territories

Policies to Accelerate Community Energy Plans: An Analysis of British Columbia, Ontario and the Northwest Territories identifies the effectiveness of provincial and territorial policies aimed at achieving widespread CEP development at the local level. The report focuses on the effectiveness of policies introduced in British Columbia, Ontario and the Northwest Territories.

04 Aug, 2016 Celebrating 2016 Climate & Energy Award Applicants!

Learn about this year's 20 outstanding applications for the 2016 Climate & Energy Action Awards. Winners will be announced at the UBCM Convention in Victoria on Wednesday afternoon, September 28. 

02 Aug, 2016 Living Community Challenge Handbook
The Living Community Challenge is an exciting new program by the Institute to help planners and developers rethink how they design their community-scale projects, and provide a compliance review process at the master planning stage and certification for fully built community or campus scale projects. 
19 Jul, 2016 2016 Smart Energy Communities Catalogue

Check out 2016 Smart Energy Communities Catalogue — a guide to the who’s who of key players in Smart Energy Communities in Canada.

15 Jul, 2016 Vancouver Takes Next Step to Advance Renewable City Strategy

Vancouver City Council approved the Zero Emissions Building Plan - an action plan that lays out a phased approach to aggressively combat and reduce carbon pollution in Vancouver.

15 Jul, 2016 Certification in Community Energy Management

British Columbia Institute of Technology & Community Energy Association are offering six online courses in community energy management.  Get the knowledge you need to conserve energy, decrease emissions, and reduce energy costs in your community.

12 Jul, 2016 Top Asks for Climate Action – Ramping Up Low Carbon Communities

A new Columbia Institute report, Top Asks for Climate Action, highlights how Canada can ramp up climate action by empowering low carbon communities. 

12 Jul, 2016 Whitepaper - Low Carbon Resilience: Transformative Climate Change Planning for Canada

New white paper Low Carbon Resilience: Transformative Climate Change Planning for Canada, published by ACT, points to the co-benefits and synergies we can achieve if we consider adaptation and mitigation simultaneously.

05 Jul, 2016 Renewable Energy Challenge: Finding Energy Solutions for a 100 % Renewable Energy Future - Workshop Outcomes Report

Renewable Cities published a report from the Renewable Energy Challenge, which captures the ideas and pitches developed by the participants.

27 Jun, 2016 Kootenay Communities Receive BikeBC Funding

Kootenay communities to receive $482,000 in BikeBC funding for infrastructure projects to expand and build cycling lanes, and trails and paths for cyclists and pedestrians.

22 Jun, 2016 Community Energy Funding Guide - updated version available online

Community Energy Funding Guide has recently been updated. The latest version is available for download online.