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11 Sep, 2008 Water Conservation
11 Sep, 2008 Elements of Water Conservation Programs

The most appropriate water conservation strategies and actions will vary between communities depending on local conditions and opportunities.

11 Sep, 2008 Effective Water Management

Effective water management reduces energy needed for treating water, moving water and wastewater around. It can also reduce the size and cost of infrastructure systems and their associated emissions.

10 Sep, 2008 Community Energy and Emissions Inventory Initiative
05 Sep, 2008 C08_Land Use - Why

This figure outlines several factors in urban form and how they impact travel modes that people choose. / Frank, Kavage and Litman for Smart Growth BC, 2006

05 Sep, 2008 C07_LandUseWhat.jpg

Neighborhood Centre Plan View / HB Lanarc, 2008

04 Sep, 2008 North Vancouver Teaser Image
04 Sep, 2008 Development Permit Area Guidelines


04 Sep, 2008 Taking Advantage of a Versatile Policy Tool

There are some key implementation considerations in applying DPAs to address climate change priorities. A DPA is a versatile design tool that can be applied to land use,

04 Sep, 2008 Smart Site and Building Design

DP guidelines are an opportunity to strongly encourage energy efficiency in new development by mindfully designing landscaping and buildings to allow light to penetrate living spaces in winter, and protect spaces from hot sunlight in the summer. / picture courtesy District of Saanich.