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21 Sep, 2008 B01_WeatherRelatedNaturalDisasters

Direct losses from large or globally significant natural catastrophes increased 14 times between the 1950s and 1990s. (Munich Re, 2005).

21 Sep, 2008 C12_NVan_ LanduseMapLegend

North Vancouver Low Carbon Energy Supply Map - Legend / City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver.

21 Sep, 2008 C12_NVan_ LanduseMap

North Vancouver Low Carbon Energy Supply Map / City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver.

21 Sep, 2008 C12_NVan_energySupplyMap

North Vancouver Low Carbon Energy Supply Map / City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver.

21 Sep, 2008 C01_BC Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector, 2005

Local governments have influence over approximately half of BC's emissions, concentrated in transportation, buildings and waste. / Environment Canada, 2007.

20 Sep, 2008 PR18_clean_air_future

The City of Prince George (link to PG case study – pdf we have) uses and encourages use of biodiesel as a way to mitigate the impact of fleet GHG emissions on the environment. / E3 Fleet, 2008.

20 Sep, 2008 PR18_green_fuels_map

The Green Fleets BC Green Fuels Map can help you identify where you can buy alternative fuels. It could also play a role in route planning. / Green Fleets BC, 2008.

20 Sep, 2008 PR22_Toronto_bikes

The City of Toronto is creating opportunities for City employees to move away from automobiles with a pool of City bicycles. / City of Toronto, 2008.

20 Sep, 2008 PR22_bike_path

Location plays an important role in promoting self-propelled transportation options. Proximity to safe, designated paths in one thing to aim for.

20 Sep, 2008 PR19_pcs_cars

The City of Philadelphia is involved in an innovative partnership with PhillyCarShare that allows the City to reduce the size of its fleet by 329 vehicles, maintain service levels, and reduce fuel, insurance, parking, and maintenance costs. The cars are free to be used by city residents on nights and weekends. / PhillyCarShare.

20 Sep, 2008 PR19_co_op

The District of North Vancouver has been car sharing with Co-operative Auto Network (The Car Co-op) and subsidiary The Company Car (TCC) since 2007 and the City of Vancouver hopes to start sharing cars in late 2008. / Co-operative Auto Network and The Company Car, 2008.

19 Sep, 2008 Community Action Navigation
19 Sep, 2008 GovOps Nav
19 Sep, 2008 PC12_VanBylaw

Vehicle right-sizing led the City of Vancouver to purchase Smart Cars for by-law enforcement officers. / City of Vancouver, 2007.

19 Sep, 2008 PC12_HamiltonFleet

The City of Hamilton uses a purchasing policy to ensure vehicles are right-sized and appropriate for the work they do. The fleet includes these vehicles and over 50 hybrid cars. / City of Hamilton, 2007.

19 Sep, 2008 PC08_gps

As fuel consumption continues to decrease, GPS devices and on-board computers become more helpful to achieve greater GHG emissions reductions.

19 Sep, 2008 PC08_Pump

The City of Williams Lake has installed a fuel dispensing system to allow for improved fuel management.

19 Sep, 2008 PC07_HopeReservoir

Hope reduced energy costs through the construction of a new water resevoir (prior to construction, they need to pump 200,000 gallons a day to maintain water quality in an open air reservoir).

19 Sep, 2008 PC10_training

Start your training in a classroom scenario by teaching your drivers fuel efficient driving techniques.

19 Sep, 2008 PC10_inCar

Driver training can start in the office and then be taken to the automobile.