Low carbon renewable fuels are often the first step taken by a local government working to reduce GHG emissions.

Numerous low carbon renewable fuel resources and tools are available and geared specifically towards furthering the adoption of low carbon renewable fuels. Biofleet and E3Fleets are two of them.

Low carbon renewable fuel use should be a key aspect of a green fleet action plan and a critical consideration of a fuel efficient vehicle purchasing strategy and policies. Work with your drivers and technicians and investigate opportunities to use fuels like biodiesel in your existing vehicles. For lower mixes, like B5 and up to B20, the investment required to make your current vehicles compatible is very minimum. It may mean simply buying a new type of fuel filter.

Once your analysis is completed, develop policies that will mandate the phased use of low carbon renewable fuels. If possible, start using the new fuels right away. Biofleet will help you understand fuel availability in your area. Engage these producers and distributors and develop strategies to increase low carbon renewable fuel usage in your area.

Make sure that you continuously update your knowledge of new fuel alternatives and try to use the least polluting fuel possible.