Plan for Sustainable Salmo helps the Village’s Work toward achieving its GHG reduction targets

In 2016, The Village of Salmo, BC, initiated Sustainable Salmo, a planning process to update the Village’s Official Community Plan (OCP).

The Village of Salmo’s approach to this planning process was distinct in that they merged their OCP with an Integrated Community Sustainability Planning (ICSP) process. Sustainable Salmo also incorporates the results of the Strategic Community Energy and Emissions Plan (SCEEP) which clearly identifies actions the community is committed to engaging in to reduce their GHG emissions and energy consumption. The Plan is expected to go before the Council for adoption in summer 2019.

Success Story Snapshot

Energy Savings / GHG Reductions: Based on the SCEEP, the plan anticipates a 12% reduction of GHGs over the 2007 levels by 2020.
Business Case: The Village estimates that implementation of the SCEEP will result in community financial savings of 9% ($80,000) in 2020 over the business as usual scenario.
Co-benefits: Fostered community engagement and enhanced community health.
Total project cost: Total project cost was $109,000 - (SCEEP - $14,000 and OCP/ICSP - $95,000). Funding was provided through a $75,000 federal Gas Tax Fund contribution plus $30,000 contributed by the Village.

Project Summary

In 2016, the Village of Salmo chose to advance sustainability planning in their community through a project coined Sustainable Salmo.  Salmo embarked on a community driven OCP/ICSP hybrid process to produce a sustainable community planning document, complete with community GHG reduction targets from the SCEEP.  The community at large was engaged in the planning process through a number of activities including: community workshops, a lifestyle photo contest, a Sustainable Salmo video production, and a community survey.

Salmo’s 2015 SCEEP contains strategies to engage in multiple community improvement projects. As a result of this plan the Village has:

  • Relocated their farmers’ market to a central location that is within walking distance for most community members. Info-booths are regularly set up at this market and other community events to further discuss the SCEEP and its implementation;
  • Completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of a plan to convert the community’s street lights to LEDs;
  • Supported Green initiatives through grant-in-aids;
  • Circulated Fortis BC rebate energy saving information throughout the community;
  • Assigned water ambassador and completed major SCADA upgrades to measure night time flow, water leakage, conserve water, energy, etc;
  • Adopted a policy to reserve CARIP funds for energy conservation;
  • Integrated actions outlined in the SCEEP into the Village’s Strategic Directions document;
  • Received grants to install a pedestrian bridge promoting Active Transportation;
  • Installed two TESLA EV stations in addition to the community purchased universal station.

The Village of Salmo also supports Fueling Changes in the Kootenays, a regional approach to transforming the rural landscape with greener transportation. The Sustainable Salmo plan is expected to go before the Council for adoption in summer 2019.

The Village’s Sustainable Salmo process was made possible with support from project partners including the Central Kootenay Regional District, Columbia Basin Trust, and Interior Health, working with the consultants.


Sustainable Salmo is a planning process to update the Village’s Official Community Plan while incorporating Integrated Community Sustainability Planning principles in a way that is sustainable and inclusive. The new plan will shape our future.

Energy Savings/GHG reductions

The Village of Salmo’s SCEEP uses a community derived GHG target to reduce emissions levels.  Using data from the Province of BC’s 2010 CEEI reports, and assumptions developed by the project delivery agent, they have calculated that implementation of the Salmo SCEEP should result in a reduction of 794 tonnes of GHG emissions. This corresponds to a 12% reduction of GHGs over 2007 levels by 2020.

Business Case

The Village projects that implementation of the SCEEP will result in community financial savings of 9% ($80,000) in 2020 over the business as usual scenario.

The Village received $75,000 from a federal gas tax grant for this project. The Village also really appreciates the support that the Columbia Basin Trust and Fortis BC offered through the Strategic Community Energy and Emissions Planning project.


Enhanced Community Health

An Age Friendly Action Plan was adopted within the overall strategic plan, incorporating many active transportation and community enhancement projects. This includes plans to enhance the recently installed pedestrian bridge for usability, safety and accessibility for all especially seniors and youth (through measures including bridge cover, lighting, and signage). From a health perspective, the Village anticipates that the Strategic Plan will contribute to a societal shift towards more active travel by increasing the availability of physical activity options for all community members.

Fostered Community Engagement

The community planning process provided the opportunity for residents and community groups to come together, to work on common goals and contribute towards development of a new OCP that is truly community driven.  This approach has fostered a positive spirit of community and engagement.



Lessons learned

As a result of this project, the local government identified what the residents of Salmo enjoy about their community. The local government also learned the value of asking residents to identify which community features they value as assets. These lessons are highlighted in the “Where all Roads Lead” video which showcases the community priorities, assets, values and vision of the people of Salmo.

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