Sustainable Communities Toolkit (CaGBC)

(FREE for Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) Members and Municipal Government Partners)

The new Sustainable Communities Toolkit is a comprehensive resource manual that provides Canadian municipalities with practical guidance for implementing sustainability solutions within their community. This 248-page Toolkit contains principles, best practices, guidelines, and case studies from across Canada, representing municipalities of varying sizes.
Its contents reflect the transition currently underway in the green building community - broadening thinking from the building scale to the community scale. An updated version of the CaGBC’s popular Municipal Green Building Toolkit is included within Chapter 5: Buildings.
The Sustainable Communities Toolkit focuses on the following six topics:
  • Community Planning
  • Natural Environment
  • Transportation
  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
Municipal government employees can follow this link to complete the downloadable form, and follow the directions enclosed to receive an electronic copy of the Sustainable Communities Toolkit.
Teams: MMM Group Limited, Hughes Condon Marler Architects (HCMA)
Publisher: Canada Green Building Council
Jan, 2012
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